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Vision Therapy
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Austin now sits still while reading! He reads more fluently and without using his finger to hold his spot. He will get books from his book case and read for fun again!
-Amber, Watsontown, PA




Despite trouble staying “focused” in school, headaches with reading, loss of place in text, and difficulty copying from a board, Jasmine’s vision problem remained undetected, possibly because she had 20/20 eyesight and did not require glasses. That changed when a neuropsychologist recommended a vision therapy evaluation.



Halfway through the therapy sessions Caleb was finally able to ride a 2 wheel bike. He had no sense of balance before. That was a huge accomplishment for him giving him confidence. Reading has greatly improved. All through second and third grades he was in remedial reading class which did not help at all. His reading continued to get worse. He would bring homework home every day. When it was time to do his reading homework he would cry, kick & scream for 15 minutes because he didn’t want to do it. Assignments that should take 20 min. to read took 1 1/2 hours to do. He and I were so frustrated by the end of the night. Now Caleb will go off and read on his own without complaint or argument. He can also tell me what the story was all about in great detail where before he couldn’t comprehend anything he read.
-Lana, Jersey Shore, PA

The changes I have noticed in McKenna...her reading is more fluent, and she had a lot less difficulty. Her math has improved greatly, and she just got her best math score on a test which she is extremely proud of. Best of all, she has improved self esteem and a better attitude towards school. Therapy has helped so much. I wasn't sure what to do about her and school, but going through this process solved the problem. I would highly recommend this for anyone going through the same thing.
-Bill, Hughesville, PA

Skylar is more willing to read things without being made to. He also is doing his homework without a fight. The therapy has helped Skylar in being able to read fast and remember what he has read.
-Judy, Blanchard, PA

Hannah has much more confidence!

Hannah now reads smoother and at a faster, more consistent pace. She volunteers to read aloud in class now and feels no embarrassment. Her level of reading comprehension has also improved. She is now reading much more for fun. As a teacher and a mother, I feel reading skills are the key component to a child's educational career and future. Hannah's vision therapy has been nothing but a positive experience with benefits lasting for years to come. Thank you!
-Emily, Dalmatia, PA

Sam will now pick up a book to read on his own. He seems to really enjoy reading, where before he would complain when we asked his to read his homework. Sam's handwriting has also improved greatly! He no longer brings so much homework home; he is now able to complete most of it in school. We are very pleased with what vision therapy has done to help Sam!
-Amy, Trout Run, PA


[I have seen] an increase in Kyra's self confidence and self esteem; improvements in her attitude with school and in reading. She has begun to read for enjoyment, becoming fully engrossed in reading a book. There were times I would find her just sitting in her room reading...which has never happened prior to vision therapy. She has been spending hours reading, which is so exciting because she can now comprehend what she is reading. She has now even set a few goals for herself for the start of the new school year to work hard on doing well and getting good grades. She is able to understand that it was her vision that was impacting her learning ability. Vision therapy has given my child a new outlook on life and her education.
-Sherry, Muncy, PA

Eli is enjoying school now

Where do I begin? Eli is a completely different child. He has more confidence and realizes he can read and do homework like the other kids. Eli no longer takes hours to complete homework. He reads things on his own, where before he would do anything not to read. I can't imagine where we would be today if that fax [from the Vision and Learning Center] hadn't been passed to us. We would still be struggling so much. Eli's teachers see such a positive difference in him. We couldn't be more pleased and blessed to have found you all. Thank you! Thank you!
-Amanda, Curwensville, PA

As a parent, you tend to trust the fact that you know your child better than school administration. When you repeatedly dispute their opinion and diagnosis and beg them to pay attention to your findings, it is refreshing to find someone who listens and knows that there are further explanations for a child struggling is school other than learning disabilities, processing problems, ADHD, etc.
-MaryBeth, Lewisburg, PA

What Patients Say About Vision Therapy


For the first time in my life I am anxious each morning to bring in the daily newspaper, sit down and read everything--not just the funnies. I am 84 years old and for the first time in my life I enjoy reading.
-Carl Smith, Wellsboro, PA



Thanks to the therapy and training, you have given me a chance to be productive and the opportunity to be the best that I can be from a visual perspective and to become the best that I can be in my field of welding. Because now I can see what most take for granted.
-David (adult patient)

Neel's goals have been met with
vision therapy.

I have no ability to count how many times over my goals have been met with vision therapy. With the restraints of my learning disability you have allowed me to compete on a much more equal platform with my peers...a goal I never thought of as you have greatly reduced my depression from knowing that I was an intelligent person but could not see what I needed to read.
-Neel (adult patient)

McKenna's hard work has paid off.






I can read faster and see better and farther away. My writing is much better. Math is easier. My self confidence is much better. I like to read now, and I can get my homework done quicker. I know how it feels to struggle in school, and this has helped in every way possible. I was scared at first starting therapy but now I am glad I did it.
-McKenna, age 8

I like reading more. [I am] more independent and reading on my own. My grades are higher in reading. I would tell people about [vision therapy] and how it changed me. It's a lot of work, but it paid off! Read this special letter from Brynn's parents.
-Brynn, age 10

I can track things better, and I don't see double words while reading. I now read the newspaper for enjoyment. While playing baseball, I can see the ball better at home plate. My comprehension has improved a lot. I just made distinguished honor roll! Last, I don't get headaches anymore after school. After completing vision therapy I now have the choice to wear contacts instead of wearing glasses. Without vision therapy this would not have been possible. Dr. Myers and his staff were really awesome! You get to do some cool things here. They have changed my life forever! Read this special letter from Noah's parents.
-Noah, age 12

I have a much better time distinguishing from right and left, as well as reading faster and easier than before I started. I also don't have to think as much when writing out my letters. Everything is so much better than before.
-Taylor, age 18

I read more fluently, and I understand the books that I'm reading, and since my eyes got better during vision therapy, I have been able to do more stuff with my family.
-Kyra, age 15